Our Story


Drawing by Maria Brudașcă
Drawing by Maria Brudașcă

School of Heart Started in 2019, in Cluj-Napoca at Nicoale Iorga School. Teodora was then tutoring the 7-th grade. It was a period rich in challenges, hardships but also moments filled with beauty. Most of the children who had very difficult programs started to take ownership of themselves, with both the good and the bad, also their parents got to know them more than they used to.

Besides the activities that Teodora did in the classroom, she organized many other extracurricular actvities where she invited artists, facilitators, educators who were not in the educational system, to have workshops with the children. She collaborated with Reciproca Association from Cluj-Napoca, in a one month theatre workshop. She collaborated with Cercul Întreg from Cluj-Napoca, with percussion workshops. DaDeCe Association from Bucharest , Art Museum from Cluj, Blink Theatre from England; everything in order to offer the children the possibility to experience new perspectives, to interact with new people and to participate in activities that would stimulate their creativity and intelligence.

In one of the activities in the classroom, which happened during the program Școala Altfel, in 2018, Teodora together with the artist Lucia Mărneanu initiated a mural painting activity. The children painted a wall in the school, guided by Lucia. Then, in those days of intense activity appeared the first gem of the project that you are reading about today. The message on the wall was Școala are inimă (eng: School has heart), which eventually became the creative dance camp School of Heart which started on July, 2019, in Măguri-Răcătău, Cluj-Napoca.

In that year the camp happened with the help from Andreea Gheorghe who managed a fund raising, calling out all her friends nd acquaintances, to help the children be part of this unique experience. In two weeks we had the money for 16 children from Iorga school together with 4 artists and facilitators from Romania and Ireland, who lived an experience that enriched them deeply.


Teodora Trișcă

Is the founder of School of Heart. 

She works as an English teacher. In her teaching activity she started integrating holistic elements of psychology and pedagogy. She uses dance, movement and intuition in educating. She is also doing individual research in order to discover the contexts and the ideas that already exist in literature and match her own understandings. When she is not at school or in the camp she likes to dance, to write, to read and be together with people who inspire her.

Andreea Gheorghe

She is a journalist. She is a mother and an incredibly generous person. 

Andreea is the one who spreads the word to gather the necessary resources. 

She managed a fabulous fundraising and gathered all the resources for the camp to take place, back in 2019.