HAPPENING - Poetry and Dramatic Writing


The poetry and dramatic writing started on the 8th of November 2022 and it will finish on the 8th of April 2023.

The workshop is happening in Romanian and English.

The students participating are at Liceul Tehnologic Lechința, Constantin Romanu Vivu Highschool from Teaca, Andrei Mureșanu College and Corneliu Baba Art Highschool in Bistrița.


The workshop is already in the 3rd edition. 

The main WHY of the workshop was to create a space of experimenting and expression through writing other than in the usual hours in the classroom.

Out of the desire to offer interested and dedicated children the possibility for becoming writers, throwing aside the idea that "becoming a writer" isn't available also for them.

Out of the desire to inspire, cultivate and stimulate creative and critical thinking.


The workshop is developed to happen face-to-face and online.

-Beginning with the 8th of November the meetings will happen at Liceul Tehnologic Lechința, face-to-face and online facilitated by Teodora Trișcă, on Poetry and Poetic Writing.

-Beginning with January, 12, the meetings will be exclusively online, on Dramatic Writing, facilitated and taught by Selma Dragoș.


Teodora Trișcă - educator, English teacher and writer.

Selma Dragoș - director and dramaturge.

***The INSPIRATION for the workshop came at Constantin Romanu Vivu Highschool, while working with some extraordinarily dedicated children.