Summer School -Teaca&Lechința-


The Summer School happened beginning on the 20th of July 2022 and finished on the 28th of July 2022. The locations for the summer school activities were the villages Teaca and Lechința in Bistrița-Năsăud, county.

The schools hosting the activities were Constantin Romanu Vivu Highschool, in Teaca and Liceul Tehnologic, in Lechința.

During our time together we had the same schedule as in a normal week at school but with different subjects.

In our timetable we had:

> contemporary dance

> dance and performance

> theatre 

> dramaturgy 

The teachers and artists who facilitated and offered their knowledge and experience were:

1. Filip Stoica - choreographer/ dancer from Bucharest

2. Virginia Negru - dancer from Bucharest

3. Selma Dragos - director/dramaturge from Cluj-Napoca

4. Codruța Rus - actress/ teacher from Bistrița

20 children, voluntarily decided to participate in the summer school. Ages 11 to 15.

WHY did the Summer School happen?

It was an idea that sprung in the moment while doing the Poetry and Creative writing workshop. Everything appeared to be available, the schools with enough space and libraries where we could write, dance, and make theatre.

Then it was the desire to create a space where the children could express and experience activities that they haven't experienced before. At least not here in the villages.

It was created as a context for developing creativity, critical thinking and innovation. It was created for experiencing dance and movement as they have never experienced it before in their lives, these activities cultivating in them also a growth mindset.

It was made to develop trust in their own ideas, their own mind and to meet with other professionals from other fields of activity.

The feedback from the children was optimistic, inspiring and gave us confirmation that what we did was a good deed in service to a a reality that we are all waiting for.

*****The children feedback is available in Romanian on the page written in Romanian.

****** The summer school was supported exclusively through donations by generous people who wanted to support this vision. The children had free access to this educational program.